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"Makes Good Scents"

These are Extraordinary Quality Candles at the most Competitive Prices in the Industry.

Texas Candle Company makes one of the Cleanest Slow Burning Highly Scented Candles on the market today. Nothing but the best all Natural Wax, Wicks & Scents is put into our candles. You can instantly smell the difference! A great scent throw, hot or cold.

This is what sets Texas Candle Company candles way apart from the mainstream candles you buy (even the ones that claim to be extra strong). Just one smell of our Scented Candles & you’re hooked! They fill a room with comfort & delight.

Always hand poured with a natural wax blend structure that is totally unique & 100% Natural. Our proven two wick system lets our candles burn clean & evenly with out affecting burn time, creating a scented pool of warmth & aroma. No matter what fragrance you try, when you get to the bottom of our product, it will still smell like it did when you first lit it! Our slow-burning Texas Candle Company Candles, Just Makes Good Scents!

If you want a candle that will really surround you with your favorite scent, try one of our Highly Scented Candles.

Since Fragrance and Good Wax aren’t cheap, you might pay a little extra for one of our Highly Scented Candles, but it will be well worth it to have a Candle that actually Throws its Scent through the Whole Room, or even Better, your entire House.

You shouldn’t have to have the candle right under your nose in order to smell it.

Place your next candle order with us... you will not be sorry you did!

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